Heart of Orléans BIA

Soyez à terre et sale lors de votre prochain rendez-vous – avec Clay !

In the Heart of Orléans you will find Rosemary Swan,  the founder of the Gloucester School of Pottery, spreading her love of pottery at her studio in the Shenkman Arts Center

Rosemary started out with a quaint studio in the Cyrville Community Center in 1991 where she would teach classes on how to throw clay and build beautiful masterpieces. With growing popularity, she outgrew her studio and, in 2009, she moved to the Shenkman Arts Centre, where she became one of the original partners. 

She was delighted with her new space as she was now able to operate multiple kilns and slab rollers as well as an extruder for hand-building. This is all housed inside a specially-designed room equipped with clay traps in the floor to reduce dust and help keep the studio clean.  

The Gloucester School of Pottery offers memberships, seven-week courses, internship opportunities, and a place for youth to try out pottery at summer camps. 

The Gloucester School of Pottery is also an excellent date night location. Once you try it, you’ll wonder why you and your loved one waited so long! Get a little dirty and attend “One Night on the Wheel.” Feel the sense of relaxation as you and your partner work your clay into something unique to you. Better yet, make something for each other! This could be a date night that you will never forget. 

Averaging approximately 3,000 students per year, the Gloucester School of Pottery would love to share their passion and love for the art of pottery with you .