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When we first opened our doors in 1998, we had a simple and straightforward goal: to source and serve only the very best beef in the country. Animal welfare and quality have been our focus, and we refuse to compromise. Put simply, we’re serious about steaks; it’s our obsession.

We work with sustainable small farmers around the country who raise cattle to our specific set of guidelines around the quality of the animal’s life, which is as high a standard as you’ll find anywhere else in the world. Our farmers believe in giving animals humane, proper care and nutrition, and in return, this ensures incredible tenderness and flavor. The cattle are grass-fed, and spend the majority of their lives on pastures eating grass. They are grown slowly to reach maturity, and only the best beef is selected, butchered by hand, and dry-aged for 35 days until tenderness is optimally ensured.

All our beef is Certified Angus, which is considered the highest-grade of beef due to the amount of marbling in every cut. The more marbling there is, the higher the quality of beef. Plain and simple, incredible marbling is what makes our steaks standout from the rest in tenderness and flavor.