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terra20 Orléans

Join us as we get up close and personal with another Heart of Orleans business and introduce you to the people behind the companies! Here are their stories.

Business Name: terra20 Orleans

Owner(s) Name(s): Louise Chouinard

Address:2284 Tenth Line Road

Phone number: 613-834-3111

Website: www.terra20.com

Email: [email protected]

How long have you been in business? When did you open your business in the Heart of Orléans?

February 2nd, 2022

Where do you see yourself and/or your business in 2-5 years?


How did you manage to survive the past 2 years, during the Pandemic?

we worked on our business plan, keeping our eye on the goal

Any plans for expansions or reduction of service?

not yet, we are still very new

Would you recommend a business to open its door in the Heart of Orléans? Why?

With more homes being built in the Orleans, I believe there is opportunity to offer more diverse services to our community

What else would you like us to know? (Tell us a little more about yourself or business. What made you decide on your industry? Is there a personal story you’d like to share? What would you tell us so we get to know the face(s) behind the business a little better.)

People are looking for eco-conscious and sustainable options and we are here to help with that growing demand. We have a refill station for household cleaning supplies and body care. We also offer a third party recycling program for those hard to recycle items like toothbrushes and razor blades. Our products have been vetted as cruelty free, sustainable and truly clean. We have a long list of banned ingredients and are proud of it. As a green beauty ambassador for over 10 years, I chose terra20 because of their ethics. I want to share my passion for non toxic beauty care and home solutions and help educate our community on available resources.