Streetscape & Beautification

We are committed to continuous improvements to make our district more walkable and bike friendly, to keeping it clean and safe.


Construction Ahead!

St-Joseph Boulevard will be repaved in Summer 2019. Watch our website for more information at it becomes available.

Here is the construction notice in English and French.

Streetscape Strategic Plan

We are committed to continuous improvements to make our district more walkable and bike friendly, to keeping it clean and safe. We welcome you to share our vision of developing the district in a way that attracts you, the people that make our community so vibrant.

The BIA has a long-term plan for St-Joseph and our district, and we would love to share it with you. Drafted in 2010, it still holds true today and into the future. This plan is meant to:

  • articular the vision for the future
  • encourage and enhance a vibrant district
  • set out priorities, or areas we could start
  • look at opportunities for redevelopment in the district
  • encourage both public and private sector to coordinate efforts to help make this vision a reality.

Click here to see our Streetscape Strategic Plan

Traffic Box Vinyl Wrap Program

As part of the City of Ottawa’s Vinyl Wrap Program, the Heart of Orléans BIA will wrap all 13 traffic control boxes located within the district. The design will be a creative application of the the Orléans BIA branding, subject to the City’s design guidelines for vinyl wraps. The brand concept was developed by Greenmelon Inc, an Ottawa-based design firm that has been nationally and internationally recognized for their work in graphic design.

Graffiti Removal Program

 The BIA invests $10,000 annually to remove graffiti from commercial buildings, fencing, dumpsters, etc., within the district.

Seasonal Lighting Program

(Since 2016). The BIA invested over $24K in seasonal LED lights for St-Joseph Boulevard. You can see these 5-foot tall snowflakes along the Boulevard from mid-November to mid-March.

Banner and Signage Program

The BIA pays for and installs over 80 banners along the district, and 4 gateway signs. These will be converted to the new BIA brand in the next months.

Historical Plaque Program

(Established 2014). In collaboration with SFOPHO, the BIA has installed 30 plaques, 27 within the BIA, that showcase the history of the district and what Orleans looked like in the 1950s. The BIA is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the plaques.

BIA Planters

The BIA has purchased 8 oversized planters for key intersections along the Boulevard. These will not be installed in 2019, as St-Joseph is undergoing a repaving project.

Join Heart of Orléans BIA

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