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Supports and Networks

Resources, events and advocacy for business in Ottawa. With OBOT, The Heart of Orléans BIA helps bring networking breakfasts several times a year to Orléans
Resources and advocacy for Francophone businesses in the National Capital Region. Supports, training and translation to help businesses become more bilingual.
A network focussed on economic development, entrepreneurship, employability and immigration.
Resources, special programs and free workshops for new or established businesses.
Mentoring and support tools for young entrepreneurs

Access to Capital

Ottawa Community Loan Fund (OCLF) is an incorporated non-profit organization working for financial empowerment in the Ottawa area. OCLF arranges loans to start, buy or expand a small business, and professional development loans to increase employability. OCLF provides education in money management and self-employment through community partners.
Eastern Ontario Development Fund helps you receive support to expand your business or bring business to your community in eastern Ontario.
A loan program in collaboration with financial institutions

In-depth analysis of the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions, with responses from over 15,000 companies each quarter, including their key obstacles, expectations for the future and views on emerging issues.

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The City is expected to grow to approximately 1, 402 000 people over the course of the next 25 years, an increase of approximately 402,000 people. Growth in the City will need to accommodate a diverse population with varying needs, many of whom will be located in proximity to the new Light Rail O-Train system.

Orléans is an established suburban community in the City that can accommodate new growth and development. The Orléans Corridor Secondary Plan Study is being prepared in order to guide growth to create a mixed use, pedestrian-oriented and complete liveable community. This Secondary Plan is looking to evaluate policies and zoning to improve opportunities for intensification, infill development, housing affordability and employment. Both existing and new community members will be able to rely on the four new O-train stations, access to greenspaces, existing and future local amenities, all while benefiting from the gradual evolution of the historic core of Orléans.

The principal goal of the Orléans Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is to attract major knowledge-based employers (e.g., clean technologies, photonics and life sciences) to the area and to encourage the creation of new high quality jobs. In so doing, the Orléans CIP would result in significant improvements to the job-to-household ratio in Orléans. Additionally, the CIP aims to attract new employment-related private sector investment for lands and/or buildings that are under utilized, idled, or in need of repair or renovation.

The plan provides financial incentives for property owners that would encourage investment in the redevelopment of properties that currently, or in the past have been developed. Eligible projects must target a minimum of 15 net new knowledge-based jobs within 10 years of project completion and result in a minimum of 15 immediate net new jobs at time of project completion.

This plan was developed in 2009 and encompasses our vision of a complete street that is walkable, bike friendly and a vibrant sought out destination.

Check out our printable meeting venues document when trying to find the perfect space for your next office or client meeting. 

Human Resources

To help understand your obligations and responsibilities as an employer, and help ensure that your employees are treated fairly and kept safe while at work.
Payroll accounts, deductions and contributions, summaries and slips.