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Orléans Community Improvement Plan

The principal goal of the Orléans Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is to attract major knowledge-based employers (e.g., clean technologies, photonics and life sciences) to the area and to encourage the creation of new high quality jobs. In so doing, the Orléans CIP would result in significant improvements to the job-to-household ratio in Orléans.  Additionally, the CIP aims to attract new employment-related private sector investment for lands and/or buildings that are underutilized, idled, or in need of repair or renovation.

The plan provides financial incentives for property owners that would encourage investment in the redevelopment of properties that currently, or in the past have been developed.  Eligible projects must target a minimum of 15 net new knowledge-based jobs within 10 years of project completion and result in a minimum of 15 immediate net new jobs at time of project completion.