Economic Development

Championing an east-end economic corridor

A Changing Landscape

Orléans has transformed dramatically over the past decade, and is poised for more transformation. Light rail is arriving by 2025, along with opportunities to realize more economic growth and a more vibrant community. The BIA has identified three key priorities moving forward:


A Revitalized Centre

We promote the heart of Orléans as a district and our businesses, and are working towards a revitalized, vibrant centre for Orléans – on that is more walkable, bikeable and connected to light rail. This just makes good business sense.


An East End Economic Corridor

Revitalization also means redevelopment and intensification around light rail. Already we are seeing an increased interest in the potential for transit-oriented development, and the economic and job growth this can bring. Light rail will help to create an economic corridor for the east end of the city.


Bringing Balance to Orléans

Even though Orléans has one of the most educated and bilingual workforces in the city, we export most of our workers every day. This is in contrast to other areas of the city. We want to help attract more jobs to Orléans, both federal government jobs and major employers. More employment here also means more business for our existing service sector, every day.

In 2018, the BIA created the Balance Orléans Task Force to bring more community awareness to this issue and rally support for major employers. We are currently supporting the work of the Ottawa Capital 2020 Task Force, in its priority to bring a federal employment campus to Orléans.

Background Information

If you’d like to learn more about the Heart of Orléans BIA and how it works, here is our BIA Backgrounder.

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