Pieced Together StoryWalk

Pieced Together StoryWalk

We are so excited to launch a Pieced Together StoryWalk in The Heart of Orléans BIA this summer! Start your adventure with Roxy the Robin at Gloucester Veterinary Hospital, choose your own path through The Heart of Orléans with this interactive story by Ottawa-based children’s author & entertainer, Timm Holmes. Fun for the whole family all summer long!

Throughout the summer, look for the “Start Your Story Here” sign in the window of the Vet’s office located at 2470 St-Joseph Boulevard for the first page of the StoryWalk. Read or use the QR codes on the posters to watch a storytelling of each page, and then choose what you and Roxy the Robin will do next! Can you discover all four different endings?

Read, choose, walk and discover the Heart of Orléans with Roxy the Robin!

Are you lost?

Roxy says being lost is a very common mishap when it comes to everyday human (and robin) life. But don’t panic! There are a few things you can do:

  • Ask a person working in a local business for help. Chances are they will be able to assist you find what you are looking for.
  • Ask someone else who is doing the StoryWalk. Maybe you could do it together! Making friends is always fun!
  • Retrace your steps. Do you remember what was on the last poster of the StoryWalk and where you and Roxy were headed? Maybe go back and reread the last poster and refresh your memory.
  • If all else fails, download Roxy’s handy dandy map. Roxy says it’s so much better than a GPS anyway! 

Are you a story teller?

Did you know that you can publish a book at any age? The youngest author in the world to publish their book is a little boy from the United Arab Emirates named Saeed Rashed AIMheiri. He created a Guinness World Record by publishing his first book at only 4 years old titled, “The Elephant Saeed and the Bear”. It is a story about kindness and an unexpected friendship between two animals.

Do you have an idea for a book? Don’t worry! Roxy the Robin has you covered! You can download her colouring page and mini book maker here and get those creative juices flowing!  

Can't make it out in person?

Can’t make it to the Heart of Orléans to do the StoryWalk in person? That’s ok! You can still participate in Roxy’s summer adventures virtually

Thanks to the talented Timm Holmes, you can watch a video of each chapter and select where you and Roxy will go next, just as you would in person in the Heart of Orléans! 

You could even have an online party with your friends and decide where you should go together! Can you discover all four endings? Be sure to tell all your friends all about your adventures with Roxy the Robin!

Create your own Photo Booth

Do you want to create your own photo booth at home? Here are some templates you can use to create your own Roxy Robin props! There is one that you can colour and another that is already coloured for you! What will you need to create your own Roxy Robin?

  • printer to print out the picture
  • construction paper or thicker paper to glue your picture on
  • popsicle sticks
  • tape or glue 
  • scissors to cut out Roxy and make some eyes


  1. Download and print a colour Roxy picture or a black and white one to colour yourself. Special PRO tip:  If you create more than one and colour the robin in different colours they can become Roxy’s friends! 
  2. Glue on sturdy paper if desired and cut it it out including some eyes so you can see.
  3. Tape or glue a popsicle stick or two on the back so you can hold Roxy.
  4. Take a selfie and share it with us!