LRT Phase 2 – Confederation Line East Extension

The Confederation Line East is one of the three major extensions to Ottawa’s light rail transit system and will see LRT continue from Blair Road to Place d’Orléans and go all the way to Trim Road.

The Confederation Line East Extension project will include 12 kilometres of rail offering stops at five new stations: Montreal Station, Jeanne d’Arc Station, Orléans Boulevard, Place d’Orléans, and Trim.

To further explore the Confederation Line East, please use the City of Ottawa’s Stage 2 LRT Interactive Map.

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Concept Drawings of Orléans LRT Stations





TRIM Station

Stage 2 LRT is Progressing March 2021

The Stage 2 team continues to make progress across all three O-Train extensions! The Stage 2 project continues to achieve construction milestones and has resulted in more than $550 million worth of contracts to local vendors. Check out the progress below.

2020 Year End Review

The O-Train East extension will see LRT continue from Blair Road to Trim Road, adding 12.5 kilometres of rail and 5 new stations to the O-Train network at Montreal Road, Jeanne d’Arc, Orleans Boulevard, Place d’Orleans, and Trim Road. The east extension will travel predominantly within the median of OR 174.

One of the critical objectives in 2020 was the relocation of infrastructure, including various utilities such as sewers, hydro lines, watermains, natural gas and telecommunications infrastructure in the Highway 174 corridor at Green’s Creek, Jeanne d-Arc, Orleans and Champlain Street to set the stage for the future track and station construction in the median.

Significant ramp modifications occurred at the Jeanne d’Arc Interchange where vehicle access to Highway 174 has been changed. The existing westbound on-ramps were removed and the southbound and northbound lanes of Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard now have signalized right turns. This will help reduce speeds and increase safety for all road users and create greater connectivity for all modes of transportation.

Further to the critical utility relocation work and road preparation work between Trim Road and Jeanne D’Arc, travellers along the 174 will have witnessed significant and intensive construction activity between Blair Station and Montreal Road. In order to connect trains from the existing transit alignment on the north side of the highway into the median itself, a new dedicated rail bridge is being constructed 800m east of the Highway 174 and Blair Road interchange and the existing bus transit bridge, south of Trillium Park. Crews have been hard at work constructing the pier caps that will hold the future Blair Station to 174 median rail bridge. From there, trains will travel east to the final stop at Trim Road where the Stage 2 team has been renovating the existing OC Transpo Park and Ride facility and building a future Highway 174 eastbound, north and south ramp required to make space for the realignment of Trim Road and the construction of the future Trim Station.

Over the course of the year, eastbound 174 lanes had to be shifted south and two new bridges had to be built at the Highway 174 Montreal Road interchange to create enough space to allow work on the guideway and station construction to begin. In November, crews worked over five weeks and weekends to detour traffic from the existing highway bridges to the two new bridges with minimum closure time and impact to the travelling public. This work was critical to enable the demolition of the existing bridges over the course of the first weekend in December and the start of the deep foundation for Montreal Station in 2021.

Stage 2 crews preparing to demolish Highway Montreal Road Bridges

Over the past year, residents in Ottawa’s east end have seen a great deal of transformation between Blair Road and Trim Road as part of the Stage 2 LRT O-Train East Extension.

The main objective in 2020 has been relocating infrastructure in the Highway 174 corridor to set the stage for track and station construction in the median. Crews have been busy relocating highway lanes and access ramps. Early relocation efforts have allowed for construction to begin on permanent structures. Columns are being built at the East Flyover and two new bridges have been constructed at the Highway 174 Montreal Road interchange following the relocation of seven highway ramps.

This year’s grand finale will take place at the Highway 174 Montreal Road interchange when crews demolish two bridges to make way for the future Montreal Station.

Aerial view of Highway 174 widening at Montreal Road Interchange.
Aerial view of Highway 174 widening at Montreal Road Interchange.

How will the bridges be demolished?

Bridge demolition does not include a wrecking ball, or dynamite and a charger that Wile E. Coyote might have considered if he were responsible for the demolition, but rather a strategic approach to safely dismantle the old bridges over the course of a weekend.

The first step of bridge demolition will be closing off access to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists by securing the area with fencing. Montreal Road will be completely closed beneath Highway 174 for a full weekend, from Friday December 4 at 8:00 PM until Monday December 7 at 5:00 AM. This includes the two vehicular lanes in each direction, pathways, and transit service under the bridge.

There will be lots of signage in the area advising the public of the closure and where to detour to get from one side of the bridge to the other. A shuttle service, operating every 5 minutes, will provide a pedestrian connection from one side of Montreal Road to the other. Considering the anticipated travel times, average travel times will be increased by approximately 10 minutes.

Once the site has been safely secured, demolition will begin on the two bridge decks in the middle, working outwards towards the edge. Construction machinery on top of the bridge will chip away at the top of the deck. Once the deck has been removed, the skeleton of the old bridge (steel girders and beams) will be taken down by excavators with hydraulic shears. To complete the works, the centre piers will also be removed.

Once the road below has been cleaned of any debris, fencing and barriers are removed, lines are repainted and Montreal Road is reinstated for public use.


  • 1,456 m3 of concrete to be demolished
  • 160 metric tonnes of steel to be removed
  • Various pieces of large construction equipment fitted with hydraulic hammers, buckets, forks and shears.
  • 2 water trucks will also be on-site for dust control.

Montreal Road Station

The platform of Montreal Road Station will be in the median of Highway 174, above Montreal Road where the bridges that were demolished were located. The platform spans above Montreal Road with bus stops located on both sides of Montreal Road beneath the station.

This image is an artistic representation of the Montreal Station design. The final product may not be exactly as shown.
This image is an artistic representation of the Montreal Station design. The final product may not be exactly as shown.

Here are some actual shots of the demolition that took place over the first weekend of December 2020 courtesy of Councillor Tim Tierney. Over the weekend Stage 2 LRT crews demolished the old Montreal Bridge to make way for the future Montreal Station and tracks!

May 2020 Update

Stage 2 Light Rail Transit (LRT) construction continues to move ahead on all three O-Train extensions.

  • South – The rail bridge and elevated guideway construction is progressing well.
  • East – Highway 174 roadworks are underway to prepare for guideway and station construction in the median.
  • West – Utility relocation activities have started in preparation for the commencement of cut and cover tunnel construction later this year.

Check out the latest Stage 2 spring 2020 construction progress video!

Spring 2020 Update

The City of Ottawa’s Rail Construction Program is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation while ensuring everyone is following the guidance provided by both Ottawa Public Health and the Province of Ontario. Construction schedules and sequencing are always subject to change as work progresses, at the discretion of the project contractor. Should there be any significant changes the public will be updated via electronic updates from the LRT project team.

Despite COVID-19, work is well underway to extend the Confederation Line from Blair Station to Trim Road. Have a peek at the City of Ottawa’s video of the construction progress to date.

Montreal Interchange Bridge Work

A critical component of the Confederation Line East work will be constructing two new bridges at the Highway 174 Montreal Interchange.

Montreal Station will be located above Montreal Road within the median of Highway 174. This requires two new Highway 174 bridges and a reconfiguration of the interchange to shift ramps, traffic, utilities and multi-use pathways away from where the future station will be located. This will be completed in 2 phases.

Phase 1 – May 2019 to March 2020:  The relocation of the existing ramps and installation of excavation support on both sides of the highway.

Phase 2 – April 2020 through summer (up to Labour Day) 2020:  Crews are building the retaining wall in the interchange, working on the drill shafts and relocating utilities as well as building the substructures and deck of the new Montreal Road bridge.

Phase 3 – Post-2020: Once the centre pier work is complete, various widenings and realignments of the ramps will continue, along with work on the second bridge. Once the two new bridges have been completed, traffic will be shifted during overnight hours, and demolition of the existing bridges will begin in preparation for station construction in the median.

East Flyover Rail Bridge

in order to bring the Confederation Line East from the north side of the highway to the middle of the highway, a new rail bridge will be constructed 800 metres east of the Highway 174 Blair Road Interchange, just east of the existing bus rapid transit (BRT) bridge. See the red in the picture below courtesy of the City of Ottawa.

Later this summer, Highway 174 between Blair Station and Montreal Road will be temporarily shifted south to allow for the construction of the new rail bridge and demolition of the existing bridge.

Highway 174 Roadworks

Blair Road to Sir George Etienne Cartier Parkway – Work will begin this year to create new lanes on the south side of Highway 174 between Blair Road and Sir George Etienne Cartier Parkway which will allow the East Flyover construction work to start.

Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard to Trim Road – Starting this spring the existing eastbound bus lane on will be shifted and reduced in width. The two major road work items in this stretch are ramp modifications at both the Jeanne d’Arc Interchange and at the intersection of Trim Road and Highway 174.

At Jeanne d’Arc, ramp access to the highway will be changed to make it safer. The westbound on-ramps will be removed and the southbound and northbound lanes of Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard will both have signalized right turns as you would see in an intersection. This work has been expedited to ensure a quick and safe way to gain access to the highway.

From Spring 2020 to the end of Summer the multi-use pathway at the Champlain Interchange will also begin excavation.

Trim Road Intersection – Starting in summer of 2020, the intersection of Trim Road and Highway 174 will be shifted farther east to allow for station construction to occur safely in the median.

For more detailed information, please see the Stage 2 Confederation Line East Extension Spring 2020 Update on the City of Ottawa Website.

Stage 2 Confederation Line East Connectivity Review

The City of Ottawa is looking for your feedback on Stage 2 LRT Confederation Line East stations and connectivity. Have a look at the Stage 2 LRT Station Connectivity Enhancement Study and please let them know what you think.

If you have comments or questions related to Stage 2 Confederation Line East connectivity, please email [email protected](link sends e-mail) by Friday April 24, 2020.

All feedback will be captured in an “As We Heard It” report and published to

Thank you for your participation!

LRT Confederation Line East Update January 6, 2020

Early construction activities for Stage 2 LRT along the 174 have been ramping up.

The Confederation Line East Extension project will include 12 kilometres of rail and five new stations. The extension is being proposed in the median along the highway to contain costs, minimize community impacts and land requirements, and provide excellent connectivity to surrounding communities by offering stations that are equidistant to neighbourhoods on either side of the highway.

Last month, another public information session was held by the Stage 2 project team. The information presented during this session is available here.

Highway 174 

Crews are widening the Highway 174 footprint to create enough space within the median for the future O-Train East extension. Eastbound lanes will be shifted south and westbound lanes will be shifted north, including access ramps in certain areas. The existing lane configuration will be maintained (two vehicular lanes and one transit facility) during peak periods with lane closures taking place off-peak.

Upcoming Q1 2020 Activities

  • Montreal Bridge preparatory works:
    • Installing excavation support (retaining structures) at Montreal Road Interchange and drill shaft for abutments.
  • Highway 174 reconfiguration work to continue
  • Watermain replacements at Shefford Road and Jeanne D’Arc Boulevard.

Intermittent lane and ramp closures between Blair and Trim roads are needed to complete this work. Portable variable message signs like the one pictured here are located at key points along the 174 corridor and provide the relevant information of the day. Intermittent lane and ramp closures are subject to change and often decided on the day before or day of.

Intermittent lane reductions will occur weekdays, from 9:30 am to 3 pm, and from 6 pm to 5 am. Intermittent ramp closures will occur weekdays, from 10 pm to 5 am.

Project Information and Updates 

Project information, updates and notices of ongoing work are available on the Stage 2 Project website.

Stay informed of progress by subscribing to Stage 2 LRT project newsletter.

Have a question or want to provide feedback on Stage 2 LRT?  To get in touch with the project team, email [email protected].

LRT Confederation Line East Update November 5, 2019 

Many of you have likely observed crews completing Stage 2 preparatory works along the East Extension corridor, at Ottawa Road 174. Kiewit-Eurovia-Vinci have completed significant geotechnical investigations via borehole drilling. They continue to remove some trees and vegetation (only what is required for construction) on both the north and south sides of OR 174. They have also begun the slight relocation of highway ramps and lanes at the Montreal Road Interchange, most of which will occur during overnight hours as not to impact vehicular traffic during peak hours. These activities are all required to begin station and guideway construction next year. For the time being, such construction activities will be listed at the following page as they get underway:

Additionally, conceptual renderings for new LRT stations are available at this page: by clicking on each station. Please note these renderings do not represent final configuration and design, and updated images are expected at a later time.

If you have any questions, please contact Alison Lynch, Stakeholder Relations, Rail Construction Program at [email protected]

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