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What is a BIA Anyway?


We’re glad you asked.  In a nutshell, the Heart of Orléans Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a not-for-profit Board of Management, started by our business community in 2008. BIAs are a way for business districts to pool resources to improve the area, and speak with one common voice. We do this by promoting the areas as a district, advocating on behalf of our members, and making improvements to the streetscape.

  • If you are interested in the specifics, you can brush up with our Backgrounder (English) (French).
  • Here is our Leadership team, both Board members and Staff.
  • Not sure where the Heart of Orléans BIA is? Take a look at our Map.


The Heart of Orléans BIA:

  • Takes a leadership role in attracting the kind of businesses that makes the Heart of Orleans distinct.
  • Represents the heart of the community of Orleans as the place of choice for specialty goods, professional services, unique dining experiences, shops that are local and family-run, and arts and culture.
  • Nurtures an engaged and enthusiastic membership that reflects and values our vibrant community.
  • Is passionate about bringing vibrant festivals and events to Orléans throughout the year.
  • Is working towards a revitalized, vibrant district for Orléans – on that is more walkable, bikeable and connected to light rail.
  • Champions redevelopment and intensification around future light rail, and creating an economic corridor for the east end of the city.
  • We want to help attract more jobs to Orléans, both federal government jobs and major employers. More employment here also means more business for our existing service sector, every day.


We Value:



We strive to be a strong community leader, influencing decisions for Orléans, and inspiring positive change.


We are committed to advocating for and promoting our district, and empowering our members.

Generating Wealth.

All our activities help support the long-term economic development of our district.


A BIA is based on the principle of stronger, together. We are committed to helping our members connect and collaborate with each other, and working with key players in the broader community of Orléans.

Join the Heart of Orléans BIA

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