A GIANT Adirondack Chair!

A GIANT Adirondack Chair

The Heart of Orléans BIA has commissioned a GIANT 7 foot Adirondack chair from our friends at The Best Adirondack Chair Company, a local family run business in Kemptville since 1955! 

Our GIANT Adirondack Chair was a great opportunity to brand the BIA as a district, increase our small business visibility, offer great photo opportunities and attract tourism to the Heart of Orléans.

The chair is branded with the BIA logo and also contains a QR code that links right to our directory of fantastic BIA businesses

Not only does the ginormous chair draw attention but it provides a bright, lively backdrop to create the perfect pictures of you, your family and friends! 

Where is the GIANT chair located?

Here’s the fun part! The GIANT chair is foldable making it a little more moveable – although clearly we will need a little muscle and a truck! To start it is placed on the Agora of the Shenkman Arts Centre. Then we will be looking for different spots in the BIA! If you are a BIA business or know of one that might be interested in having the chair in front of their business, let us know!

The Transformation Journey

The chair has entered the building! The GIANT chair arrived at the Shenkman, in the summer of 2023, primed and ready for the artistic flare of local artists, Lynne Ethier of LynneART and Pina Cava of Pina Cava Creations.  Although the BIA office is strong and mighty,  we needed a little help getting this monster chair in the building! The chair needed to be painted inside so the Shenkman kindly allowed us to do so in the West Dock area. 

The planning begins! 

The GIANT Adirondack Chair gets a little colour!

The GIANT Adirondack Chair is really taking shape with some additional colour.

We are getting close!

Painting is done! Now we just need to let it cure then protect it!

Finally finished! Within minutes of placing it on the Shenkman Agora, it was used! Be sure to check it out, take your picture and send it to us!

A little about our talented artists...

Lynne Ethier and Pina Cava are both professional face painters in the Ottawa/Gatineau and surrounding area.

These good friends met at a face painting workshop in 2011. They have face painted many times together, and have often collaborated on BodyArt painting as well as other arts projects.

Lynne and Pina created BodyArt at the 2015 ARTinis benefit soirée – AOE Arts Council, now called the Arts Network Ottawa to showcase BodyArt as another form of art, as well as other BodyArt for photo shoots and events around Ottawa.


Lynne and Pina are both visual artists as well crafty ladies. They often call themselves the Artsy Golden Girlz!

Lynne Ethier

Lynne Ethier, has been a long standing artist in the Ottawa area. Born and raised in Ottawa east and in Orléans since 1989. 

Her interest in visual arts started at a young age and developed quickly as she began classes with the Ottawa School of Art. Studying under Robert Hyndman, Lynne focused in portraiture and figurative drawing and pastel work. This interest stayed with her over the years.

Lynne studied graphic design at Algonquin College, and worked as a graphic artist for 27 years. Throughout the years Lynne has taken courses at the Ottawa School of Art, as well as clay building courses at the Nepean
Visual Art Centre. Lynne also developed a face and body painting business (LynneArt Face and Body Art) that
has grown and been highlighted at art events as an alternative art form.

Upon retirement, Lynne returned full time to her first passion and enrolled in the Arts Fundamental Certificate at the OSA Orléans Campus, which she completed in the spring of 2017. Lynne continues to pursue her education in an Art for Health training program. “I’m not done learning” she says! Lynne’s work is still focused in portraiture and figurative work. Her interest and fascination with the human form has grown and has expanded into her sculptural work and painting. While dry pastels and acrylic are still a favorite, she continues to explore other mediums. Lynne has also begun showing in both community and juried exhibitions and is a member of many local and national art organizations. Lynne also teaches introduction to face painting and art lessons to children.

Pina Cava

Profession Make Up Artist

Visual Artist


For 3 decades as a freelance professional make up artist, Pina has always been captivated by the power of transformation and self-expression. As Pina’s journey unfolded, she stumbled upon the mesmerizing world of face & body art, where she could turn the human form into a captivating canvas!

This discovery ignited a spark that led Pina to explore other forms of artistic expression. Venturing into the realm of art, she found a way to channel her imagination into traditional mediums.

Intrigued by the idea of wearable art, Pina then embraced jewellery design, crafting pieces that resonated with personal stories.
Pina’s creative odyssey continues to evolve, fuelled by the endless possibilities of each art form and journey of self discovery they entail.

To contact Pina Cava:
Cell: 613-447-1403
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.pinacava.com
Website: www.pinacavacreations.com