A GIANT Adirondack Chair!

A GIANT Adirondack Chair

The BIA is getting a GIANT adirondack chair! The Heart of Orléans BIA has commissioned a GIANT 7 foot Adirondack chair from our friends at The Best Adirondack Chair Company, a local family run business in Kemptville since 1955! 


Our GIANT Adirondack Chair is a great opportunity to brand the BIA as a district, increase our small business visibility, offer great photo opportunities and attract tourism to the Heart of Orléans.


The chair will be branded with the BIA logo and will also contain a QR code that links to our directory of fantastic BIA businesses BUT we want to ensure the chair is bright, lively and draws attention. Therefore, we are doing a call out to artists to paint it in fun vibrant colors!

Call for Artists!

How does an artist express interest?


All artists are invited to enter, whether they have just started exploring the visual arts, or have been painting for many years. We are looking for a local artist. 


  1. Send an email to [email protected] by May 31, 2023 at midnight indicating your interest.
  2. Include: 
    1. your contact information
    2. short BIO
    3. pictures of any past work
    4. What you propose to paint on the chair – a mock up would be fantastic!

What is the process?


  1. Artists submit their ideas by May 31, 2023 at midnight.
  2. A panel of judges will review the submissions and select the winning artist on June 1, 2023. 
  3. The winning artist will be notified via email and advised when the chair is ready for painting. (We are told we should have the chair by mid-June)
  4. The artist paints their approved design on the GIANT chair and signs their work.

Where will the GIANT chair be located?


Here’s the fun part! The GIANT chair is foldable making it a little more moveable! To start it will be placed on the Agora of the Shenkman Arts Centre so it is there for the Summer Series (a free concert or performance workshop featuring local artists every week during the summer). Then we will be looking for different spots in the BIA! If you are a BIA business or know of one that might be interested in having the chair in front of their business, let us know!


This Giant chair not only offers a chance to encourage visitors to our BIA artists but offers an extraordinary opportunity for an artist to showcase their artwork to patrons and tourists for several months. The chair will be stored for the winter months in an effort to preserve the artist’s work for as long as possible.

Some considerations


  1. The Chair should be vibrant and inviting – perfect for those Instagrammable moments!
  2. It’s not necessary but should you wish to include some or all of our BIA logo colors in your design they are:

3. What do you think represents the Heart of Orléans?

4. What elements can you include in your design that would encourage tourists to visit Orléans?

Are your creative juices flowing yet? We don’t want to say too much or dictate too many rules so you can create something spectacular in our favorite part of the city!


We can’t WAIT to see what you propose!